The Chosen Ones & Their Delicious Peaches

Date: 27-11-2020

The Chosen Ones®, situated in the picturesque region of the Riverland, grow an exquisite range of premium summer stone fruits. Their range consists mainly of yellow flesh nectarines, white flesh nectarines, and peaches. These varieties are bred in the Provence region of southern France and have been selected for their mouth-watering flavour, to be grown in Australia. The Chosen Ones® sell their delicious range of fruit both domestically and internationally.

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Over the last 15 years, the QFM group that owns the The Chosen Ones® brand have been using the services of Adelaide Packaging Supplies. This is because they appreciate the quality of service they receive from Adelaide Packaging Supplies. One of the things about growing The Chosen Ones® stone fruits in an orchard, is the tree’s limbs need to be tied up so they don’t fall down and break off. Initially, the QFM group were purchasing a particular strap that was working well, to which Adelaide Packaging Supplies sourced a more cost effective product for them. This new product created a saving of over 27% for the same length of strap and was a better quality strap.

The chosen ones nectarines in a grocery store

As Adelaide Packaging Supplies supply products from a whole range of different areas, the QFM group also have their tapes, buckles, straps, bin liners, water proof pallet corners and more supplied to their packing shed. This is where they package the The Chosen Ones® stone fruits ready for distribution to your local Foodland, Tony & Marks Fruit & Veg, and even overseas to China, Singapore and Thailand.

delicious peach

The QFM group know as they are in the country region that they can rely on Adelaide Packaging Supplies in that The Chosen Ones® prepare their order for the upcoming months, Adelaide Packaging Supplies load it onto one pallet, and then it arrives shortly afterwards. This service of a mixed pallet provided by Adelaide Packaging Supplies reduces the freight cost for those working on farms in the country regions. Michael Trautwein speaks highly of Adelaide Packaging Supplies because they love the family business side of it. It is more personalised as they help him with the right products for the job, they are reliable, and provide quality.


“They remember you…
They remember what you order…
And they sometimes suggest an alternative product that is better and more cost effective…”

- Michael Trautwein
The Chosen Ones® Chairman

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