UniFresh & How We Helped Them Transition to the SQF System

Date: 27-11-2020

UniFresh, an Adelaide based company, is more than a company. It is a team of motivated and loyal people driven to provide the freshest food for their clients. They are your coleslaw at KFC, the sliced tomatoes at Subway, and a whole lot more.

unifresh logoAdelaide Packaging Supplies have been working with them for over 10 years to help bring UniFresh’s high-quality food standards with their high quality PPE and hygiene supplies. Over the years Adelaide Packaging Supplies have provided everything from gloves, hair nets, sleeve protectors, aprons, poly bags, washroom supplies and more.

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In recent years Adelaide Packaging Supplies were crucial in UniFresh updating their quality control system from the HACCP system to the SQF international system.


UniFresh being the innovative company that they are, saw that the two stage SQF system was necessary. This SQF system entails a two-part process where certain sections of the facility are colour coded. One section is blue where everyone is wearing blue gloves, blue aprons, blue hair nets and more. In this low risk area, the food is washed and sanitized to be ready for the next section. In the next section which is white, everyone is wearing white PPE. In this high care area, the food is sliced, diced, etc… and packaged ready to be sent off to places such as KFC, Hungry Jacks, Subway, quick service restaurants and more. Movement between the sections is restricted and helps increase the hygiene level while preventing cross-contamination.

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“In order for the SQF system to work we have
needed a good supplier, good service, good price and very
responsive packaging supplies company. We have found that with
Adelaide Packaging Supplies. They are our first point of call
if we need anything new.”

- Chad Haddad
Procurement Manager of UniFresh


As Adelaide Packaging Supplies always want to provide quality, they have also assisted UniFresh switching to an increased durability glove. This not only meant that UniFresh have increased quality control, they also use less gloves and save financially in the long run.

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“Adelaide Packaging Supplies have been there for us when we
needed them and helpful in the projection of what we
need for the future. What they supply us is crucial
to our business and we never have anything to worry
about with them. “

- Chad Haddad
Procurement Manager of UniFresh

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