Jiffy Mail-Lite Bag #4 – 240mm x 340mm

Product Code:  #26ML4 

Weight: 86.57kg

Dimensions: 58 × 38 × 63 cm


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These are premium plastic bubble-cushioned, fully laminated mailers offering maximum all-round protection. A 3-layer bubble cushion, strong welded seams, tamper evident seal and a tough co-extruded plastic outer creates an all round superior mailing bag.
It features a high-slip inner surface for easy product insertion, moisture, tear and puncture resistance, is lightweight to save on postage, can be printed and is 100% recyclable.

Size #4 – 240mm x 340mm
Qty: 150/ctn.

Weight 86.57kg

Dimensions 58 × 38 × 63 cm


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