JiffyLite Bag #5 – 265mm x 380mm

Product Code:  #26JL5 

Weight: 25.0kg

Dimensions: 58 × 44 × 39 cm


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These mailers are fully laminated and bubble constructed to provide stiffness and puncture resistance. The high-slip bubble lining allows for fast, smooth insertions and provides superior protection with AirCap® barrier bubbles. The strong white paper exterior gives premium appearance, and provides an excellent labelling and printing surface. A strong, waterproof seal gives excellent product protection and the self seal closure means no tapes to stick. The lightweight bubble cushioning means reduced postage costs.

#5 – 265mm x 380mm
Qty: 100 per carton

Weight 25.0kg

Dimensions 58 × 44 × 39 cm


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