VH450 Shrink-A-Pack System 450mm

Product Code:  #394450 

Weight: 11kg

Dimensions: 76 × 38 × 18 cm


Small enough to sit on a countertop (in a supermarket, bakery or deli for example). Scuffed or damaged packaging can be rejuvenated simply by re-wrapping.
Bonus offers, gift packs and “Buy one, get one free” promotions can be packaged at the point of sale.

Each unit has a built-in sealing timer and includes a Hot Air Shrink Gun. No pre-heating is needed, the first package can be sealed within 4 seconds of turning the power on.

(Note: plastic film not included with machine – sold separately)

Weight 11kg

Dimensions 76 × 38 × 18 cm

The Wrap Up